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Knee High Boots And Fashion Fall/Winter 2010 – 2011

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Stuart Weitzman knee high boots; Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi and Chanel; ankle boot designs; Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots; practical and affordable Born knee high boot styles; fur boots for real winter walking; knee high heels that are trendy and sexy; where to shop and how much to pay – that’s what this week’s 2010 – 2011 fashion review is all about.

Although it’s summer and the sun still shines in the northern hemisphere, and sandals are the only thing your feet will look at, designers have already decided what your toes and legs will be slipping into come fall.

They’ve already created the cozy winter footwear that will keep you dry and warm whether you’re going to be trudging through snowdrifts, sitting in a ski lodge after hitting the slopes, hailing taxis in Manhattan or maneuvering your way through throngs of shoppers hunting for Christmas gifts. Yes, the boots you’ll be wearing during the winter 2010 season, and even for New Year 2011, have all been sketched, cut, sewn and packaged, and are waiting in showrooms and warehouses. All you need to decide is how much you can afford to spend. Will it be the fabulously sexy and affordable Colin Stuart over the knee designs from Victoria’s Secret for between $90 and $190? Or will it be the Vivian Westwood Pirate boots for over $600?

Colin Stuart Born Norelle Boots

If you’re on a tight budget, like many of us this year, then you’ll appreciate the practical and affordable Colin Stuart over the knee boots and the Born Norelle boot designs that range in price from about $120 to $200. These sleek, fashionable, form-fitting leather designs, which incorporate lightweight soles and great traction for city or country walking, are boots that will be functional for more than one winter season.

Fendi Rubber Boots!

Fendi fans will be surprised at the functionality of their most recent creations. It’s not their usual high knee boot styles that take center stage this 2010 – 2011 season, but a lower cut, nearer to the ankles design, and practical for keeping dry, being that they’re in fact…rubber boots. Don’t laugh. Rubber boots are not just in vogue for those who work with ducks near muddy ponds, but Manhattan and London will be seeing more than a few stylishly chic rubber boot stutters this winter because we’re not just talking about the Fendi Zucca rain boots (that actually look like rubber boots just with a logo added), but sleek booties crafted in leather with rounded rubber toes and high stacked heels.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Shag – Faux Fur Boots

Not all the hottest ladies boots for the coming winter season are knee high or thigh-high, but also ankle and somewhere in-between. The emphasis is on practicality, functionality and warmth (in most cases), however there are still lots of mixed materials being incorporated in the designs, and there’s a lot of funky heel playing going on with sculpted wedges, transparent molded shapes, rubber and of course the classic stiletto, giving boots a zippy edge that stops them from being TOO practical.

And speaking of not too practical, we’d need more than just this small post, to be able to accurately present what Chanel, under the brilliance of Karl Lagerfeld, has brought to women’s feet this wintry season. Even if ice, sleet, hail and piles of freezing snow drifts after blizzards (and iceberg exploration) are not in store for us, the ingenious and controversial designer has brought classic Chanel to new heights of chic shaggy haute couture with water-proof style in the 2010-2011 boot collection.

From icy dripping wet unshorn sheep shag mid-calf boots with icicle heels to what looks like black plastic pumps over white leggings, the masterful designer has captured the essence of our retro paranoiac cave-dweller technology induced ice-age times perfectly. Lagerfeld offers footwear to protect and keep us warm during this fear laden uncertain economic age. He’s a man who knows how to push fashion and social boundaries to the edge – a designer who does not hide behind mediocre or acquiesce to “normal”.

Have a look at the Chanel Fall Winter 2010/2011 collection by Karl Lagerfeld with a backdrop that’s a genuine Swedish iceberg:

Faux or Not – Both are Hot

The knee high fur boots in the Chanel collections are all faux fur, however the Fendi line has genuine rabbit fur lining, although it’s more practically featured inside the boot for warmth rather than on the outside as a fashion statement. Be it faux or not, trust Karl Lagerfeld to deliver some kind of fur both from Fendi and the newest icy Chanel designs.

Sleek Furless Designs By Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman knee high boots and thigh-high designs in soft Vecchio nappa leather are classy and classic all the way if you have over $600 to invest in your boots this year. The Lacemeup model is one design that crosses over into the thigh-high boot stratosphere, but keeps it elegant and tasteful enough to wear with short wool skirts or over jeans.

There’s a pair that’s a bit pricy, almost $800 (available through Shopbop), but very funky. Also from the Stuart Weitzman knee high boots collections some the over the knee Hiup suede boot with covered wedge heel. What’s great about these sexy womens boot is that they are designed with elastic insets to help them fit better and are also notched behind the knee so they’re more comfy. The wedge heel shoe is both fashionably tall at 3 inches while still being practical to walk in and the sole is rubber for better traction should you be treading icy walkways. Although this item is made in Spain (and sometimes the Spanish, Italian and Brazilian sizes are a little on the small side) in this case the fit is perfect and true to the size you usually wear in the US.

Dolce & Gabbana Western

Totally different, but equally trendy is the D&G Knee-High Boot that’s somewhat between a cowboy and a moccasin and includes a leather fringe. What makes this creation unique is that it has a side zipper that’s secreted under leather, so the fit is more snug without appearing to alter the basic western look. These boots are for true Dolce and Gabbana aficionados because they’re retailing for almost $2,000 a pair.

Affordable Knee High Moccasin Boots

On the other extreme of the D&G expensive designer styles, there’s a very affordable pair of knee high moccasin boots, well within reach of most ladies’ budgets, sold online through Asos. They’re the Minnetonka moccasins, which are not only fitted and laced and made of suede / leather with tassel and visible stitching details, but they only cost about $177. For a snug, practical, lightweight, cozy pair of moccasins to go with casual jean outfits this is the bargain of the season. If you’re worried about keeping them looking good all winter, try to keep them as dry as possible, which means they’re best for trudging through cold snowy areas rather than slushy or rainy walkways. However, suede protector can be used to help waterproof the boots and stop them from getting matted or loosing their soft nap.

Practical, Affordable and Warm – Skechers Knee High Boots and Fur Lined Ankle Designs

Let’s go ultra practical with Skechers knee high boots, especially designed for ladies who love to hike, or at least those who want to look like they do. Not your average fashionable styling, and about as far removed from sleek and chic formfitting as it gets, but very cozy, made in suede and leather with faux fur trim, ideal for cold weather and snow. The Sketcher boots are priced from just over $50 to around $100. The item we feature is the Grand Jams design and retails for about $82.

The most stylish knee height ladies boot that Sketchers has is called the Women’s Struts and is actually a little below the knee, but is more modish and slim-lined than their bulkier hiking designs. It’s also affordable at just over $80, and is available through Sketchers directly or their official retailers.

We simply can’t pass up this chance to show you one of the strangest womens knee high hiking boots that’s also a fur boot and also….oh you must laugh….a fitness boot! Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Now you can stay warm and get fit wearing Sketchers Shape-ups, an “elasticity fitness boot” that’s said to tone your muscles and help with weight loss. All the Women’s Shape-Ups shoes and boots come with an exercise guide and Sketchers have an instructional video online that offers tips and ideas how to maximize the effects of the Lace-up toning boot. What’s revolutionary, according to Sketchers, is the rolling action, which as you can see in the image of the design, is due to the unusual sculpted sole that’s made of rubber and shaped in such a way as to induce what they call “natural propulsion”. Here’s a video for more information on how this series of shoes and boots allow you to shape up without going to the gym.

Back To Haute Couture by Vivienne Westwood

Although Vivienne Westwood designs are known for reflecting a contemporary flair that’s avant-garde and tending toward punk, she is also more recently renowned for having created the wedding gown featured in the hit series and movies Sex And The City, worn by Carrie Bradshaw when attempting to wed Mr. Big. That being said, the footwear Westwood is best known for is not the least bit similar to the Manolo Blahnik’s so loved by Carrie, instead it is dramatic, with plenty of buckles, textures, somewhat masculine such as the recent Pirate boots collection.

Although not to be confused with womens knee high combat boots, the style is reminiscent of uniforms more than free-style pirate attire, while the straps and buckles against leather and suede do offer a swashbuckling air.

The ankle versions and the knee high boot styles by Westwood are available in tan suede and black leather with contrasting natural straps or coordinating leather bands. They are priced at around $600 a pair and are sold online through a variety of official dealers such as Net-a-Porter and Zappos as well as from the showrooms and shops around the world that carry haute couture collections fashion footwear. To see the nearest shop in your region consult the directory of shops and flagship stores on the Vivienne Westwood official site.

Take a look at the Vivienne Westwood fall winter 2010 – 2011 fashion show featuring some of the newest boot styles, mixed colors, textures and some of the strangest makeup to grace haute couture fashion model faces.

Salvatore Ferragamo

While you’re browsing women’s boots, have a look at the mens high boots by Salvatore Ferragamo in his latest fall winter 2010 2011 collection. Classic long gents coats, white shawls, and knee high riding boots. Very elegant!

The mens high knee boot designs by Ferragamo are priced at $600 and up.

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