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Tough Supra Shoes For Skaters

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Fall 2010 Supra Shoes collections; Cuban, Skytop, Skytop II, Dixon, Vaider, Vaider Low, Thunder, Thunder Low, Society and Supra Signature Designs, as well as the Summer Injection collection; prices start at $56 and go up to $130 for high tops. The best skateboarding shoes made from the toughest, lightest, flexible and most durable materials – check them out!

What Differentiates Skate Sneakers From Regular Trainers and Sports Shoes?

Most skate shoes and sneakers have flat rubber soles, suede or leather uppers and extremely durable double, sometimes even triple, stitching so the shoes can really take a beating while protecting the skater’s feet during maneuvers.

The best shoes will provide protection against bruising the heels and will also offer better than average flexibility with tough, yet thinner, soles that allow the skater to actually connect with their board as well as have exceptional grip to avoid slipping. Many will have what is called cup soles made of rubber that’s vulcanized and have DGT which is an acronym for Dynamic Grip Technology.

The upper part of the sneaker will likely be some kind of super suede or action leather and even the shoelaces will come with protectors or lace loops that hide the laces altogether. The heels will be cushioned with special built-in air pockets to help avoid injuries and the toe region is often reinforced with some kind of thermoplastic protector. Many designs will incorporate shock absorbers in the insoles and some even have what are called stash pockets built into the sole of the sneaker or located under the tongue. There are added features that use special technology developed just for skateboard shoes (and their professional skaters) like silicone rubber, a cushioning system called G2, special STI foam, and mid sole enhancements called EVA as well as certain advanced use of a system for stabilization. Many companies who develop these special shoes have patented items that are brand specific.

The patented SupraTuf design of the latest Supra sneakers is one such skate specific innovation. Professionals like Chad Muska, Erik Ellington, Tom Penny and Antwuan Dixon have all commented on the durable performance of these shoes. Watch Chad Muska talking about Supra Shoes.

Why so many added features?

The skater’s sneaker, like the ones from Supra, are designed to withstand the harsh abrasion that these sports shoes may receive. There are few sports that require feet to be protected from constant and certain rapid contact with hard and abrasive surfaces like cement, where the feet may drag, touch, need to stop fast, have exception grip and do it all repeatedly within successive slit second movements. They also must withstand the sand-paper like harshness of the skateboard’s grip tape and laces must be protected not only from getting in the way of maneuvers but also from being torn to shreds.

Let’s take a look at the newest fall collection 2010 by Supra shoes and see which features are dominant in each design.

  1. The Cuban has an outsole that’s made of vulcanized rubber and an insole that’s crafted from thick polyurethane which is especially featured in the heel area. The midsole is created with the patented formula called SupraFoam which offers resistance from impact yet the best flexibility possible and what pros call “board feel” . Naturally there’s a mesh liner on the inside. The overall look of the sneaker is sleek and streamline. It’s a low style that’s solid black with a white gum sole. It’s retailing for $77.

  2. The Dixon is the signature design by Antwuan Dixon and is a very functional, lightweight shoe with cupsole technology. Again we see the SupraFoam midsole, the flexible board feel and the EVA sockliner. This is a comfortable design that’s very reasonably priced at just $56, which is one of the best cheap skate shoes from the Supra collections.

  3. The most unusual and sleek dressy shoes in Supras skate collections are the newest Assault designs, which as yet don’t even have a price since they’ve just been released, but amongst the styles that come in colors and can be stylish as well as practical for skating, are the ever popular Vaider Low. These offer all the same features as the others, like the vulcanized gum sole, SupraFoam midsole, mesh sockliner and flexible grip and also a sporty outer look and the choice of black or red distressed leather for just $66.

  4. From the new Supras shoes collections by Chad Muska, in fact his signature design, comes the latest Skytop II, released in April of 2010, and retailing for $130. This is the next step in the Skytop series, which includes the 2 pull tongue, a neoprene sleeve, flexible vulcanized sole and waxed laces.

  5. While the black supras are the most common, there are the colorful Bullet designs from the Lizard King Signature collection. While they also offer the flexible soles, impact resistance and all the tra-la-la of the skateboard world, they also offer wild funky stylishness for when a skater is off his board or out with friends. The color ranges are from neon green to tie-dye purple, but there’s also yellow and black with blue accents.

Although there are other companies dedicated to crafting skateboarding shoes, Surpa has a wide range to choose from, and not only that, they have the shoes that the professionals wear.

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